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"The Sum of Us" by Heather McGhee is a timely and insightful exploration of the impact of racism on American society. McGhee, a respected policy expert, delves into the ways in which racism harms not only marginalized communities but also the broader population. Drawing on personal stories, economic research, and historical analysis, she argues that racism has led to policies and decisions that have hurt the collective well-being of the entire nation.

At its core, the book suggests that a zero-sum mindset—the belief that progress for one group comes at the expense of another—ultimately harms everyone. McGhee advocates for a more inclusive and equitable approach, demonstrating how policies that benefit all citizens can lead to a stronger and more prosperous society. "The Sum of Us" is a compelling call to action for readers to rethink their perspectives and work towards a more united and just future.

The Sum of Us

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